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Best destinations with the best views to visit for different types of foodie travellers: Part 1-Bath

If you’re a foodie (Like me) then there’s one thing that we both know.  People will never understand the never ending need to try new foods. 

From local street foods to some of the most talked about restaurants in town.  You want to try it all because – why not?  Food is meant to be experienced, enjoyed and you should indulge all the exquisite tastiness out there.

 But what happens if there were a few key tools that you were missing that could really enhance your tasting experience?  

In this series of blogs we will go on a roadtrip to some of the best cities to visit and the foods that they’re most famous for.  We’ll be exploring their food/city history, what makes them so good, and the tools/items you need to augment your tasting experience.

The tools/ items we will include in this blog are reusable, environmentally friendly and some of the most effective stuff out there.

Oh!  And if you’re the type of person who likes desserts first and then the main course – then feel free to check out the conclusion down below.

So, without further ado; clean your pallets, sharpen your knives and start your engines ladies and gentlemen. We’re going on a delectable road trip!


History of Bath

Our first destination on this road trip is Bath, a town rich with history, nature and delicious food! 

This beautiful city is wealthy with Georgian architecture, expansive gardens and Roman influences.  If you ever come to this city (which you should…just saying) you will be amazed by the overall majesty of this royal city.  From the famous Roman Baths (which has a fresh Thermae Spa next to it for you to relax in) to the wide open garden space/picnic point and art galleries at the Royal Crescent – to the amazing view of the river Avon just underneath the robust Pulteney Bridge.  The beauty and history of this city is something that every traveller and foodie should experience once in their life.

So what about the food?

Bath Bun

Let’s start with Bath’s famous Bath Bun. A delicious, sweet treat with nib sugar (compressed sugar crystals that don’t dissolve into baked goods) and currants resting on an already glazed bun – usually brioche or rich egg and butter dough… Talk about royal dining!  This delicious treat is pretty much in any local bakery around this beautiful city. So treat yourself and try one of their traditional delights. 

Quick tip, this delicious, sweet treat loves to get stuck in your teeth and might spoil your tasting extravaganza. To avoid this, we recommend flossing to get all those nasty bits out. But not all floss was created equal. 

One of the best floss we can recommend is the award winning drtung’s Smart Floss. It’s cardamom flavoured to get rid of repulsive smells, free from PTFE, PFE and Gluten. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the reviews below from , a product discovery and reviews platform by and for people like you. 

Bath’s Soft Cheese (The soft soft kind..)

 If you are a cheese lover then this noble city will not disappoint. 

I’m sure all you foodie enthusiasts know that once upon a time – cheese was once associated with the wealthy upper class.

Since the 19th century, Bath has been known for their tasty Soft Cheese and it’s biggest fan – Admiral Lord Nelson, an English sea captain and one of Britain’s greatest Naval Heroes as you can see in the Soft Cheese Co historical reference (link below). They also talk a little bit about the letters he used to send to his father when away from home: Click here if you want to check it out.  

Bath’s Soft Cheese is known for being one of the best tasting cheeses due to its creamy softness and often comes with white rind.  Since it’s a brie cheese, it’s made from cow’s milk which is one of the reasons why it’s so creamy. 

To add even more flavour, some places such as The Fine Cheese Company add hints of mushrooms and citrusy twists to really add to your cheese tasting experience and really bring out the rich flavour of this creamy delight. This takes light and fluffy to another level. 

As with any cheese the scent is always important – you know the phrase, “The smellier the cheese the tastier it is.” Thankfully this cheese has a pleasant aroma that is tastefully fragrant and romantic to your senses.  It’s a combination of earthy goodness mixed with the sweet scent of fresh cut grass. 

Take a bite and indulge in a soft creamy delight mixed with tasty hints of citrusy, lemon twists and mushroom  that will spark fireworks in your tastebuds.

I know what you’re thinking- Where does one acquire such delight? 

Through some research and the power of the internet we found that the best place to try this delicious cheese is The Bath Soft Cheese Company. Being a major award winning cheese company they have some of the best cheeses around but don’t just take our word for it.  Check out some of the reviews about their cheese down below, or check out the reviews here

Bath Chaps

So is Bath just all about desserts and cheeses? Is there nothing for foodie travellers who love the savoury and meats option?  Well, you’re in luck because Bath is home to one of the rarest meat dishes around; the Bath Chap. 

Chap was another way of saying chop which was the cheek of any animal back in the 1500’s.  Cheek? Yes you read that right. 

The Bath chap is normally a pig’s cheek and was very popular due to the fact that Bath once had an abundance of Gloucester Old Spot pigs.  This Georgian dish is seen as one of the rarer dishes of its kind.  However, there are some restaurants that will serve it to you such as Garricks Head at St. Johns place in Bath. 

The Garricks head prepares this signature dish by deep frying it, curing it in brine and seasoning it with bread crumbs on top to give it that extra crunch so you can be sure that this dish is primed and bursting with rich flavour and is something you won’t regret eating. 

To add to this, according to reviews it’s one of the very few places that will actually serve this dish to you and they serve it well. (See picture of review below)

Although the service of this establishment has become somewhat questionable over recent years, the food has not and is still worth the trip if you’re in the mood for a Bath Chap in Bath.


So next time you’re in Bath, embrace the history of the Georgian architectural sights like the Pulteney Bridge and Bath Crescent all while indulging in the city’s sneaky culinary delights. Stay tuned for the next blog where we explore the mediaeval city of Bristol.

By the way, remember the drTung’s Smart Floss I mentioned earlier? Well, if you’re still interested, feel free to check it out here on our MaiaHB website.  If you really want to enhance your tasting experience overall, you can check out our drTungs 360 essential range here on our MaiaHB website. It has everything you need (floss, tongue scrapers, toothbrushes) to keep your oral hygiene in check and your taste buds alive. 

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