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Are TIMM Medical VEDs guaranteed?

Most Osbon ErecAid & PosTVac systems come with a warranty and/or return policy.  

How does the TIMM Medical (VED) Work?

The timm medical Vacuum Therapy Systems are external medical devices used for the purpose of providing arterial (oxygen-rich) blood to the penis for penile rehabilitation following a prostatectomy or to create an erection for intercourse.  To maintain the erection for intercourse, a man will need to use a tension ring, included in all timm medical vacuum therapy systems. 


Do VEDs really work?

Yes. Vacuum Erection Devices are 90% effective in creating an erection 

Q: Will Timm Medical work for me if a PDE5 failed?

Yes. There are several medical studies that prove that a vacuum therapy system may work very well when other treatments have failed.

Q: Will it make my penis larger?

A natural side effect of using a VED frequently over a period of time, a man may experience an increase in girth and often a restoration of natural length during the course of therapy

Q: How do I know if I have Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

If you unable to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse, you may have some level of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Q: Why consider Vacuum Therapy as a daily exercise?

It has recently been recognized that non-use penile atrophy can lead to shrinkage of the penile tissues and reduction in penile circulation. Daily use of a vacuum therapy system may duplicate the benefits of nocturnal erections, reverse penile shrinkage, recondition the penile vascular system and promote the return of healthy erectile function.

Q: Will this system work if I am taking a PDE5?

Yes, combined PDE-5 & VED therapy is recommend as a first line therapy as post-surgical therapy

Q: Will this system work if I have heart problems or if I am on blood thinning medication?

Ask your doctor about using Vacuum Therapy if you are taking anti-coagulants or blood-thinning medications.  If you have a penile implant; or if you have Peyronies disease, leukemia or other blood disorders where bleeding or clotting may be a problem.

Q: Does my age have anything to do with my Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Age alone does not cause ED.  Normal erectile function can be affected by problems with any of the following systems: blood flow, nerve supply, hormones.  Organic causes are usually the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels or nerves supplying the penis.  Numerous medications can also cause changes to erectile function

Q: What causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED/Impotence)?

There are many physical causes of ED.  Based on a publication from Dr. Stephen W. Leslie, MD, his findings in Impotence break down the top causes of ED in our country:

  • Vascular Disease 40%
    • Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
    • High blood pressure (arterial blockages)
    • Venous Leakage (excessive drainage of blood from the penis)
  • Diabetes Mellitus 30%
  • Impotence following radical surgery 13%
  • Spinal cord injury and other traumas 08%
  • Other Endocrine (Pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland) problems. 06%
  • Multiple sclerosis. 03%
Q: Penis feels cold (to you or your partner)

Likely Cause: This is a normal response to the reduced blood flow caused by the tension ring(s).
Remedy: Wrap your penis in a warm washcloth for several minutes

Q: Redness, irritation or bruising

Likely Cause: Pumping too fast; over pumping
Remedy: Pump slower, longer pause in between pumps
Consult your doctor if this problem continues past the first few practice sessions

Q: Discomfort or pain during ejaculation

Likely Cause: Long periods without sex; infection or swelling of the prostate gland
Remedy: Continue to use System
Problem usually stops as you continue to use the system; if pain or discomfort continues, see your doctor

Q: Discomfort or pain from Tension Ring

Likely Cause: The tension ring is too small.
Remedy: Use a larger tension ring. Please refer to your system User Guide Tension Ring sizing section or call Customer Care 800.438.8592 for assistance

Q: Discomfort or pain during pumping

Likely Cause: Pumping too fast
Remedy: Pump Slower, longer pause in between pumps

Q: Pulling of the skin of the scrotum

Likely Cause:  Lubricant on scrotum; improper pumping technique; inexperience with system.
Remedy: Remove lubricant from scrotum; refer to your system User Guide Tension Ring sizing section or call Customer Care 800.438.8592 for assistance; continue with practice sessions; try changing the position of the cylinder, by angling it downward while pumping.  Issue may disappear as you become more acclimated with the system. If not, there are accessories available to avoid scrotal tissue pull. The Scrotal Shield and the EZ Tension Rings as viable options

Q: Delayed loss of erection (after 5-10 minutes)

Likely Cause: Rings not providing enough tension.
Remedy: Due to date or ring purchase, the tension may have lost its elasticity and need to be replaced. If the ring is not old, then you need to consider a smaller tension ring.  Please refer to your system User Guide Tension Ring sizing section or call Customer Care 800.438.8592 for assistance

Q: Rapid loss of erection (in less than 5 minutes)

Likely Cause: Vacuum lost because of air leak; poor seal; not enough lubricant; tension ring is too large.
Remedy: Be certain the vacuum seal is sufficient and seal isn’t impacted during the ring transfer process; may need to trim pubic hair; increase the amount of lubricant; decrease size of tension ring. Please refer to your system User Guide Tension Ring sizing section or call Customer Care 800.438.8592 for assistance

Q: Does it hurt?

No, there should be no pain with use of the system.  Men report feeling an internal sensation during use

Q: Does Timm Medical have patient support?

Timm Medical is committed to service excellence

  • Live phone or ZOOM product support counseling
  • Step by step user guide & patient tools included with each system
  • Patients can call  800.438.8592 for support and assistance