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EZ Ring Size 4 (16mm) Ref: 21164


EZ Ring 4 has an inside diameter of (16mm)

This ergonomic EZ Tension Ring simply attaches to the end of the Osbon ErecAid Esteem vacuum cylinder like a lid. It has been expertly designed to ensure that no scrotal tissue is drawn inside the cylinder when in use, whilst also adding greater tension at the base of the penis to ensure stronger, longer lasting erections.

Once an erection is achieved, the ring is simply removed from the cylinder and remains in place at the base of the erect penis. Many men find it easier to apply and remove than other tension rings as it minimises the transfer process.

Constructed from fine quality materials, the EZ Tension Ring is comfortable to wear and applies optimum pressure to the veins that are responsible for maintaining an erection. Choose from 4 different inner diameters to customise your treatment and ensure the very best results.



EZ Ring 4 has an inside diameter of (16mm)

The unique and patented design of the EZ Ring, which fits on the end of the cylinder like a lid, ensures that the scrotal tissue is not drawn into the cylinder of the pump. This design gives many patients a more comfortable fit, provides a better seal between body and cylinder, and greater tension to assist in maintaining penile rigidity. Once an erection has been created, the ring is removed from the end of the cylinder and remains at the base of the erect penis. The EZ Ring minimizes the ring transfer process. For use with Esteem or Classic cylinders and systems.  As well as that this

  • Ergonomic tension ring designed for use with the Osbon ErecAid Esteem Vacuum Therapy System – fits on the cylinder like a lid
  • Expertly designed to ensure no scrotal tissue is drawn into the cylinder when in us
  • Minimises the ring transfer process – detaches from the cylinder & remains in place at the base of the penis
  • Medically engineered, comfortable to wear, safe to use & highly effective


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