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Pink (High Tension) Ring, Size Large (22 mm) [B] Ref: 1612


Large, High Tension, Pink in Colour.  Corresponds with Level Two on our ring tension chart.
Uniquely designed and patented by Osbon®. The best tension rings available on the market.  The unique shape provides maximum comfort, with a “U” notch at the base, and two pressure points at the top.  Perfectly designed for the male anatomy
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Tension Ring Size B Pink Large High Tension Osbon ErecAid

EachSize B- Large with inside diameter (22mm) 0.875

InchPink Color- High Tension For Use with All Osbon ErecAid Manual 

Medically Engineered tension Rings for safety, performance and comfort

Unique upper extruding bumps are positioned to press against the veins that maintain an erection

Lower urethral notch allows for ejaculation

Rings may be used individually or in various combinations to maintain an erection created by the Vacuum Pump

User Guide details seven possible combinations to accommodate a wide range of penile girths

Latex Free


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