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Mach Ring No. 7, Size Large Ref: A143


7 Large – 15 mm

PosTVac Mach Ring has a thick center, creating an evenly dispersed tension and comfort over a wide area

The Mach Ring will maintain adequate firmness for approximately 30-40 uses. Latex Free

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7 Large – 15 mm

The Mach Ring is a premium Support Ring that provides user comfort and effective tension. This support ring is 30% thicker than Pos-T-Vac’s basic styles of support ring. This thickness in the center of the ring helps produce tension that is dispersed over a wider area, this allows the user to wear a large size ring while still being able to maintain adequate firmness.

The Mach Ring features looped handles that allow for easy loading. The user can slip their fingers through the handles to guide the support ring over the cone and onto the penile tube.

This ring has

  • Durable tension rings designed to be used with the Erec-Tech vacuum penis pump.
  • These superior quality tension rings were designed for your ultimate comfort.
  • Made with a soft gel, they are flexible and stretch over the cylinder before using the Erec-Tech vacuum pump and are applied to the base of the penis for a full and satisfying erection.

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