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Osbon Comfort Ring Ref: 1609


Designed for one-time use, this comfort ring is the ultimate in convenience and easily used with a condom. The soft and highly elastic material makes it perfect for men who find the standard rings too tight or rigid, and who need less pressure to maintain an erection.

Disposable, one time use.

One Size Fits All.

Can be used with the Erecaid XX50 and the Classic XX02

Simplify and improve your sex life with the Osbon comfort Ring.

Osbon Comfort Ring, manufactured by Osbon are one-time use tension rings.

These highly flexible Penis Rings are easy to place and remove. The Comfort Disposable Penis Ring is the Lowest Price Penis Ring on the market and is easily used with a condom. Made of soft and highly elastic material, this Disposable Penis Ring is less rigid and less tight than Standard Penis Ring Tension Bands. Men who find standard penis rings too difficult or too uncomfortable and who do not need high pressure to maintain an erection will welcome the Osbon Comfort Disposable Penis Ring as a more suitable penis ring.

The Comfort Disposable Penis Ring is a one-size or multi-size Penis Ring Tension Band.

Improve your sex life in true comfort with the Osbon Comfort Ring


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