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Osbon Erecaid Esteem XX50 Vacuum ED Pump Ref: XX50


If you are unable to achieve an erection, then the Osbon Erecaid XX50 Esteem is here to help you get your sex-life back on track. With a 90%+ success rate the XX50 Esteem will help you in improving and gaining back your confidence, relationships, sex-life and control over your life.  This vacuum pump acts as a gym for your penis, making it stronger and stronger with every rep you do (or shall we say every pump).  It’s an easy one-handed execution that, over time, will help your penis return to its former glory and help you gain and maintain an erection. 

One of its best parts is that It’s a drug-free solution, giving you the ability to be able to use it without any side effects.  Just put it in and pump!  On top of all that, the Osbon Erecaid XX50 Esteem is one of the quickest solutions to cure erectile dysfunction for short term blasts in the bedroom and will lead into a quicker long-term recovery overall. 

What are you waiting for?

Regain your confidence and take charge of your sex-life with the Osbon Erecaid XX50 Esteem.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in different ways, however, the most effective one of them all has to be through using erection vacuum pumps.  Erection vacuum pumps are easy to use, friendly and drug-free with no side effects.  This penis vacuum pump is here to bring your confidence, self-esteem, sex-life, relationships, and day-to-day functioning back in motion.  It’s one of the best pioneering medical devices for erectile dysfunction because you have total control. 

Why the Osbon Erecaid xx50

One of the best erection vacuum pumps on the market is the Osbon Erecaid xx50 vacuum pump as it has over 90% success rate compared to others on the market and is the main medical device recommended by medical health professionals within the UK and USA to help retrain erection muscles and gain you a proper erection again.

How does the Osbon Erecaid xx50 work?

The Osbon Erecaid esteem xx50 can be used in two different ways. 

The first can help give the user a full penile erection on the spot for those who cannot produce one at all.

The second can help strengthen an erection to increase sexual pleasure and confidence which in turn will help you produce a true erection naturally the more times you use the xx50.

The XX50 esteem is an easy one-handed squeeze.  Coupling that with the correct Osbon Erecaid tension rings and our own medical lubricant gel, will allow total control of the amount of pressure dealt to your penis with just a few pumps and increase overall blood flow. Through consistent use, you’ll be able to retrain and gain back your confidence, and more importantly, your erect penis; so you can be ready for action anytime, anywhere.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, then the Osbon Erecaid esteem vacuum pump XX50 is one of the best drug-free solutions for you. 

Important: If you have a history of spontaneous priapism (an erection that lasts over 4 hours) you should not use the pump.  Additionally, if you take anticoagulant medication or you suffer from a blood disorder, or you have Peyronie’s disease or leukaemia, speak to a medical professional before considering any form of vacuum therapy.

What is included with the Osbon Erecaid Complete Kit?

The Osbon Erecaid Esteem vacuum pump XX50 complete kit contains:

  • 1 x Osbon Erecaid Pump
  • 1 x 5oz tube of Timms medical personal, water-soluble, lubricating gel
  • 4 x pressure-point tension rings: one medium and one large with standard tension in beige and one medium and one large with high tension in pink.
  • 1 x easy-action ring applicator
  • 1 x carry case
  • Instruction manual

Where can I get it from?

There are a various ways to obtain this item. 

1. If you are a UK resident and suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • poliomyelitis
  • prostate cancer
  • severe pelvic injury
  • single gene neurological disease
  • Spina Bifida
  • Spinal Cord Injury

You may be able to obtain it on an NHS prescription from your GP practice.

Additionally, if you are in Wales, all of these conditions still apply with an added one being, if you are man who has been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction due to high stress,  and the assessment has been made by a specialist service or GP under arrangements made with a Local Health Board- who provide these assessments. 

2. If you have had a hospital surgery such as:

  • Prostatectomy
  • radical pelvic surgery
  • renal failure treated by transplant. 

You can ask the hospital to prescribe you the Osbon Erecaid or write to your GP asking them to prescribe it for you on an NHS prescription to help you with speeding up your recovery. 

3. Buy it Directly from our website:

You can acquire the Osbon ErecAid Esteem vacuum pump XX50 by buying it directly from us here at  The XX50 can still help you with any erection problems you may be having and if you cannot get it on prescription for any reason, investing into your sexual health is always a good option. When it comes to your health, no matter what kind, it’s the best investment you can make.  Nothing is more important than your health because your health dictates your life as you know it.  Through using these medical devices you can give your health the best chance at being the best that it can be. The chance that it deserves. 

Give your sexual health the chance it deserves with the Osbon Erecaid Esteem XX50 Vacuum pump now. 



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