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Osbon ErecAid Ring loader Ref: 1265FG


Load tension rings to the cylinder with ease

The Easy Action Ring Loader is specifically designed to assist in loading the Standard Tension Rings and MaxElasticity rings onto your Erecaid cylinder. Separate instructions come with the accessory when ordered. Included in the Esteem Manual and Esteem Automatic systems. Sold separately for the Classic system. The item will arrive as one unit, to separate, press the green button on the top of the loader. If too difficult, tap on the edge of a table to release pressure, then retry.

Easy loaded tension rings means better and easier access to sex and a faster way to getting your sex life back on track.

Try the Osbon ring loader today and get your sex life back on track.

ErecAid Ring Loader – replacement part

The ErecAid Ring Loader is designed to fit onto the end of the Osbon Cylinder and makes easy work of loading the Osbon Rings onto the cylinder.

Customers should already have purchased the ErecAid Esteem System in the past.  This is suitable for men who have broken or misplaced their existing ErecAid Ring Loader and just want to replace it.

This is also suitable for men who own the ErecAid Classic System (which does not come with the Ring Loader), and wish to purchase the ring loader as an add-on.

Includes Ring Loader and lid components only. The pump head, cylinder and rings are to be purchased separately.  Refer to ErecAid Esteem Manual System or ErecAid Classic System to purchase the complete system.

The ErecAid Ring Loader is a cone shaped device, onto which a tension ring is applied.  The lid is pushed over the top, stretching the tension ring onto the end of the cylinder.  Timm Medical Lubricating Gel (water-based lubricant) is required to smoothly stretch the tension ring over the cone.

The Ring Loader helps men make sure they are loading the ring the right way up (there is a top and a bottom to the Osbon Rings).  The Ring Loader was introduced because men reported difficulties in stretching the quite firm tension rings onto the end of the cylinder manually.  The ring loader makes this process easy.

Not compatible with the PTV system

Try the Osbon ring loader today and get your sex life back on track.


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