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Pos-T-Vac MVP-700 Pumphead Ref: M107


This manual pump head uses a simple push pull method to allow you to generate an erection at your own pace. This particular pump head gives off one of the more intense and more powerful suctions (which you can control) compared to other Vacuum pumps on the market right now. With it being a silent pump as well, you can retain that sense of privacy anywhere. Allowing you to recover in total comfort.


Recover at your own intensity with the MVP pump head now!

The MVP pump head is what brings simplicity and more intense erections for those men who may need more suction power than normal. This devices handle utilises a push-pull method which allows you to have full control of the amount of pressure dealt and at what rate to allow you to gain an erection. It’s all up to your comfort levels and what suits you. The best part is that this entire mechanism is completely silent, which means you can utilise this pump discreetly should you wish to. 

Through repetitive use, you will be able to gain your erection relatively faster than the other pumps due to you requiring fewer pumps, thanks to the increase in suction pressure, every time you use it. This could result in a faster recovery time overall and will allow you to gain your erections faster. 

Your body will be working as one. As it was always meant to. 

This pump head can only be used on the MVP 700.

Get your MVP pump head now!


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