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Pos-T-Vac XSmall Scrotal Shield (3/4″) Ref: J113-3/4


Remove any unwanted accidents during your vacuum therapy sessions with the Osbon Scrotal Shield. This piece of pliable, durable surgical rubber provides an airtight seal to stop any unwanted scrotal tissue or pubic hair of yours from being sucked into the cylinder. Allowing you to stay true to your own preference in how you like to be kept. 

The Osbon Scrotal shield is here to offer you more support and comfort during your journey to recovery. Get yours now!

As one of the essential vacuum therapy penis pump accessories, the Osbon scrotal shield is a disk made of pliable, durable surgical rubber that prevents unwanted scrotal tissue from being drawn into the penile cylinder. It also helps create a proper airtight seal around the base of your penis without you having to trim pubic hair making your therapy a more exclusive and personal experience without much compromise on your side. To top it all off, once your erection is created and the support ring is on, the scrotal shield is easily removed without any fumbling on your part- allowing you to get down to improving your relationships, confidence and over all wellbeing quicker.  

Improve your life, well-being, confidence and relationships now with the Osbon Scrotal Shield.




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