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Standard Cylinder Twist (8″ x 2″) Ref: K101


The Pos-T-Vac standard cylinder twist is a test to the quality of the Pos-T-Vac product range. It’s made from acrylic making the cylinder shatter-proof and longer lasting than any others you might find on the market. As well as that, the cylinder is very easy to put on thanks to handy twisting feature. 

This cylinder can twist off with ease and will cater to a longer penis making sure that proper suction is provided helping you gain an erection that lasts. 

This cylinder is also transparent allowing you to physically see your manhood grow right before your eyes inspiring confidence in who you are and allowing you to regain a part of you that you may have felt like you were missing. 

Improve your confidence and watch it grow with the Pos-T-Vac Standard Cylinder Slip now! 


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