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Timm Medical Water Based Lube Ref: 1401


A 5oz water soluble medical grade lubricant for all vacuum therapy systems. This water-soluble lubricant is applied during vacuum therapy to ensure a strong seal. A strong seal against the body improves the effectiveness of the vacuum device and helps you gain you erection continuously.

This 5oz tube of water-based lubricant is Greaseless, water soluble, non-staining and will not harm delicate tissues during your vacuum therapy sessions. So, you can regain your confidence, manhood and engage in your sexual activities stress and pain free.
Contents: Water, Polyacrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, preservatives and fragrance.


How to use

Open and remove the lubricants cap. Apply the lubricant on your Vacuum therapy System, accessories and penis and feel the process to strengthening your manhood become that much easier.


Recommended for use with ErecAid® and Pos-T-Vac™ Vacuum Therapy Systems
Manufactured exclusively for Timm Medical Technologies.


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