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What is an Ionic Toothbrush?

Ionic toothbrush: the advanced technology that eliminates more plaque.

Oral care and the protection it offers influence our lives in countless ways, including some that are rather unexpected. While inaccurate, research shows people associate discolored teeth with poorer estimates of intellectual ability, psychological adjustment, and social competence.1 Crazy, right?

For millennia, we humans have been brushing our teeth with health and beauty in mind; maybe subconsciously we understood the broader implication. Thankfully, oral care design has changed since the ancient Egyptians opted for toothbrushes crafted from twigs and leaves…

Today, technology provides advances that supercharge dental benefits. Twigs have been transformed into technological tools, but we do still need to be selective to avoid EMF’s or paying more for bells and whistles that serve no health benefit.

As holistic health has driven innovation, ionic toothbrushes have taken oral care to the next level. Research shows that using an ionic brush safely and significantly reduces gingivitis and plaque.2 Users of this quiet toothbrush report whiter teeth too.

Traditional brushing requires elbow grease to remove the food, saliva, and bacteria that combine to form plaque. But too much strength can result in gum and tooth damage. An ionic toothbrush flips this on its head. Instead of requiring friction to try dislodging plaque, gentle, safe ion transfer is used.

The result?

Teeth simply drop plaque like a switched off magnet drops metal.

This matters because plaque can be hard to disrupt. The microscopic bugs involved in their formation are sneaky. They initially form a biofilm; a protective coating that defends against removal.3 Within as little as 48 hours, this becomes stronger, starts calcifying and then the damage begins.

Regular brushing is important to break down these biofilms so they can be detached from the teeth and removed. The more complete this removal, the better the outcome.

An ionic toothbrush harnesses nature to remove more plaque, while improving gingival health. 

How does it do this so effectively?

When we place a magnet on the fridge, it stays put because of a positive-negative attraction. In the mouth, opposite polarity encourages positively charged plaque to stick to negatively charged teeth. But have you ever tried to push two same magnetic poles together? They force each other apart. Strongly! 

DrTung’s Ionic Toothbrush uses similar science to supercharge oral care. It breaks this positive-negative ionic bond temporarily, by reversing the polarity of the teeth while you clean. Plaque is, in effect, rejected by your teeth and wooed by your brush. No wonder so many love this gentle approach to brushing! This clever technology enables our ionic toothbrush to reduce plaque up to a staggering 48% and improve gingival health by 42%.

Add traditional medicine into the mix in the form of Ayurvedic Oil Pulling and Smart Floss and the best of ancient wisdom combines seamlessly with advanced technology. The results are a beautiful, lasting, and healthy smile you’ll love to share.